Data base search

The database allows you to search for pictures using keywords. It contains more than 2900 records at the moment. You can search for any words in English or German language or for taxonomical terms, and every picture matching your search will be shown. The search is not case-sensitive.
It is possible to search for single keywords or even parts of words. It is also possible to type in two keywords. If you connect these two keywords using "AND", only pictures will be shown that match keyword 1 and keyword 2. If you do not connect the keywords, all pictures will be displayed matching either keyword 1 or or keyword 2 or both keywords. Another oppotunity is an exact phrase search; for this you have to enclose a search term of two or more words in speechmarks.

Here are some examples of possible keywords:

sea will deliver all pictures with keywords containing sea, e.g. pictures of sea anemone, sea cucumber, sea urchin, seals, red sea and so on.
seahorse AND caribbean will display all pictures of seahorses taken in the caribbean.
seahorse caribbean however will give every picture of any seahorse plus every picture taken in the caribbean as a result.
- "nurse shark" will only come up with pictures of nurse sharks, but no other sharks.